The Right Clients for you.  
Where to find them fast.
How to serve them with your skills.  
What to charge.

With consistency and less stress from your happy little kitchen office.​​​​​​​

Are you poised on the edge of a perfect virtual professional business or maybe have started one but feel a bit stuck?
This 6 week small group intensive will advise you, direct you, critique you where you need to be critiqued and get your business revenue rolling in so you can accelerate your business growth and speed up your path to quitting that day job.

Complete this six weeks well and the right clients for you will be lined up and praising your services.  
What Will I Learn?
Everything you need to find your perfect clients and price, package and pitch your professional services.

Module 1 - Where to Find Clients
Immediate places to start looking, networking and finding prospects
Module 2 - Your Irresistible Services Offer
Get Clear On Your Offer and How to Pitch It
Module 3 - How to Price and Package Your Services
Learn how much to charge and how to present and bundle your services an a way that matches your clients needs.
Module 4 - Your Virtual Professional Profiles
This is a difference maker!  Create Your Best Virtual Professional Profiles (and live critiques!)
Module 5 - Onboarding Processes
I've got a client! Now what? From prospect to client (contracts and onboarding)
Module 6 - Make this Sustainable and Repeatable
This isn't just about 1 client but an efficient process to keep your prospects and client work flowing stress-free.  On-going prospecting, closing and delivering in an efficient method so you can count on an on-going consistent revenue stream will leave with
your very own professional website with 1 year of free hosting ($1000 value!)

My team will build your very own professional website.
As we've gone through this program, I've noticed one thing that has been a barrier to growing businesses -- having your own website!   This just happens to be my virtual professional super power and I'm all about breaking down barriers.   When you complete this program, we will design and host for 1 year, free of charge, your own professional services website.  
So, when do we begin?
September 15th.....or as soon as you register, or even 5 days later. Because. Grace, Mama.
 I am a rebel.  Those countdown tickers STRESS ME OUT.  And I don't want anyone to enter this course under duress.   We're looking for members who are clear and ready to take action, not pressured into it.    

But that doesn't mean you should wait to sign up. You will get access to some course materials immediately.

And, even if you find this on Sept. 18th or 22nd, we aren't going to make you wait for the next round.  Dive in and catch up.

This is the way smart working women get things done.

Now....don't make me chase after you with 17 emails reminding you of course closing....just kidding. I'll just send 3 or 4 ;)
What You Receive With the 6 Weeks To Clients Program

4  One Hour Live Group Calls 
No more than 25 other women professionals designing their virtual business.   Each participant will be in the "hot seat" at least once to review their offers and answer their specific questions.
A Personal One-Hour Strategy Session with Lori Mercer
A full hour of private coaching focused on your specific business needs.   Learn exactly how to find the best projects for your "I can do this with my eyes closed"  services.
Your Own Website and a Simple Social Media Plan
We won't waste time here.  You need a professional face on your website and we'll map it out for you so you can move on to more important work.....finding projects.
6 Video Lesson with Guided Worksheets for Each Lesson
Written word is still king and the hand-brain connection really provides the best way to good thinking.   This worksheet can be printed and easily carried along with you in your purse / laptop bag for the 6 weeks as you document, think, re-think and design your business strategy.
Project Prospect Lists
Using our method, you will leave this program with a list of potential projects, and if you act fast, perhaps already signed contracts for clients to offer your virtual services.   
A Complete, Value Oriented Service Offering and Price Point
You will know where your sweet spot is, how to describe it and how to price it for clients who will fall in love with what you can offer.
Bonus #1:  Writing Your Bio and About Me Pages to Attract High Paying Clients
You aren't just a mom fielding phone calls amidst obnoxious toddlers (did I just call toddlers obnoxious?  I'm refering to mine, not yours.)    You are a professional with highly sought after skills, reliability and talents.  And that needs to shine in your bio and about pages.  
Misha Hettie is a master copywriter.   I sit at her feet and soak in all her word-magic goodness.   And participants in the 6 Weeks To Clients course get access to her training and a live Q&A to help you craft that irresistable bio.
Bonus #2:  Find Time to Work on Your Business with the "Fridays Off" Program
Learn how to negotiate with your day job for part time, flex time, compressed time or telecommute time to free up the most valuable resource of all.....your time.

Participants in the course can select one of four options from the "Friday's Off" series and literally find time in their busy lives.
Bonus #3:  What to Post on FB to Get Engagement
The first step to getting your business off the ground is getting a client. Your virtual clients are living on Facebook. I will show you HOW to use Facebook to build your business. 
Bonus #4:  Verified Virtual Professional Checklist
This checklist shows you EVERYTHING you need to get moving in the virtual professional field. What tasks do you need to become an expert at, what skills should you showcase, how should you market yourself? Complete this and you will be set and ready to go! 
Bonus #5 Virtual Professional Portfolio Template
Are you ready to apply for a job? Do you have a resume? Do know know how to market yourself in this new, virtual world? This portfolio template breaks down EXACTLY how you need to showcase your skills to potential clients. 
Bonus #6:
Behind the scenes with all the steps it takes to start and grow a full time virtual assistant business in only 90 Days.

A $297 Value

This brand new course by Amy is the icing on the cake to give you a start to finish view on Virtual Assistant work as your Virtual Professional option.
Everyone has questions. Don't worry. We have answers. 

What if I’m brand new and do not have a business yet?
Fantastic! 6W2C is perfect for you. You can jump around for the next few months trying to figure it all out or fast track now and get clear on where to find clients and your special touch as a Virtual Professional.

What if I already have clients?
Do you want more? Are you ready to scale? Or... maybe the clients you have are draining your energy?   Or…maybe your client turnover rate is HIGH and you want more long term consistent clients?  Or you need a more efficient process to discover prospective clients and onboard them rapidly? These are all reasons to learn our methods to find, close and onboard new clients efficiently.   

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
We ask all who are interested in the program to first complete our application.   So as we speak to the applicants, we immediately know if they are a fit or not for the program.   We don’t do refunds.  We simply won’t take your money if we don’t think it’s going to be applicable for you.

How long do I have access to this course?
Your membership access to the course content in our member portal is available for the next year.  The Facebook group will be open for 60 days.   (After that, you should be uber focused and busy with your new clients!)

What format is the course content delivered in?
The course includes easy to follow video training supported by worksheets, PDF checklists and a Facebook group and 4 live group coaching calls.   All the details are accessible in your own member portal where you can track your progress with completing each module.

Am I going to have to buy more stuff?
Nope! I show you how to do all of this and make your business work with what you have and the free version of the many nice tools that are out there to support us Virtual Professionals. Will I show you recommendations for tools? Sure, I would be a terrible teacher if I did not, but that doesn’t mean that you have to buy any of them.

Stephani Roberts,
Boy, do I wish I met Lori before I left my job and struck out on my own. She has given us the keys to staying off the income roller coaster. Having a steady income stream AND a way to create fluid processes in your business is essential. Otherwise, it's a cycle of momentum, inertia, and trying to gain momentum again or accepting work that's not a good fit just to keep the money coming in - I know this well! As I pivot and refocus with my business, I'm excited to implement what I've learned and so grateful to her for creating this program. Do yourself and your family, business, a favor, and jump in!!
Laisha Dailey

Lori is a trusted advisor and someone I consider as part of my “inner circle” to help guide me in the process of building my own virtual business. Lori has: 
1) Opened my eyes to the world of virtual work opportunities leveraging my professional skills.
2) Equipped me with resources that help provide momentum and quick wins to build my business, while also establishing simple, scalable processes for long term.
3) Spoken “truth in love” every step of the way!

Her desire is to help professional women like you and me, including help in avoiding some of the pitfalls and landmines that come with being an entrepreneur. Her track record of creating businesses from the ground up (both non-profit and for profit) was already impressive, but the fact that she is sharing the tips and resources from her toolkit…WOW! Ladies, look no further because Lori is the real deal.

JoDitt Williams
I'm amazed at the progress I made during the 6 Weeks to Clients program. When I started I was unclear on how to get clients, or where to even begin to look for freelance jobs, what kind of services or packages to offer, how much to charge, or what clients would be willing to pay for.

At the end of the 6 weeks I had gained my first monthly client, had a "Design Services" page up on my website, was confident in my pricing, had a plan in place for getting new clients, and even learned how to quickly spot scams. 

I also learned how to write a better profile bio (for social media & job boards), how to on-board clients, manage client files, and what to include in a contract. And I was thrilled to discover the best places to search for virtual work, and the best tools and apps to use to communicate more effectively with clients and manage projects.

But the most valuable part of the program was probably the accountability, encouragement, and new friendships. I'm quite sure I would not have made so much progress without these elements. Plus, I loved how Lori went above and beyond in providing so much value, answering all our questions and providing insights about work/life balance. Now I am so excited about the future, and am confident that I can get and serve clients well. 
Kristi Golden

6 Weeks to Clients gave me the tools and the confidence to step out and start my own business. Lori cuts through the clutter and helps you focus on the tools you have already.

I was inspired and empowered. 6 weeks to Clients helped me focus on how to get from where I am now to where I want to be next month and showed me the way to get there.

Complete this program and join our list of Verified Virtual Professional
Those who complete this program have priority access to our list of highly qualified virtual projects designed especially for flexibility for mom's with professional skills.
In this 6 week small group intensive, you'll learn everything you need to add clients to your business and accelerate your exit from your day job including:

How to design a strategy for your business that's going to fit your lifestyle and is sustainable for long term success

Where to find the right clients for your type of work without spending all day on social media

How you can do this with a very minimalist website, email opt-in and how to make them work as powerful lead generators

How to price your services and offer it in ways that are valuable to your customers yet not draining on your hours

How to manage your time and tasks for optimal results from your business (without burning the candle at both ends all the time!)

At the end of this program, you will have solid list of at least 5 virtual work projects that match your skillset to pursue as clients.

Be added to our list of "Verified Virtual Professionals" with priority access to new qualified project from my network of clients and partners in the online business world.   We look for the best professionals to fill these rolls and by completing this program, we know that you are in the right place to serve well and be rewarded well for your efforts.   It's a team approach to create a community of virtual professionals you can count on.
Just in summary (because it's a lot!) here's what you get with the 6 Weeks To Clients Program:
        1. 6 Video lessons plus worksheets per lesson
        2.  4 Group Calls
        3.  One-on-One strategy session with Lori  ($250 value)
        4.  Your own Virtual Professional website plus  1 year of hosting ($1000 value)
        5.  Private Facebook Group Access
        6.  Misha Hettie Profile Copy Bonus ($250 value)
        7.  Part Time Flexibility Bonus ($47 value)
        8.  A listing on our Verified Virtual Professionals page
        9.  Access to our private list of Virtual Work Opportunities​​​​​​​

The value of this course is easily paid back with 1 or 2 clients even if you are just starting out.  

You will pay this price alone for your own professional website.
Strategically designed with a top notch online marketing team to help you stand out from the crowd.
2 payment plans for flexibility.  Choose one to get started. 
$997 Single Payment 2 payments of $597
In this 6 week small group intensive, you'll learn everything you need to add clients to your business and develop a consistent, efficient method to keeping your queue full of meaningful work that matches your talents.
Still have questions?
If you are interested in applying for this exclusive group intensive with hands on support from Lori Mercer, successful corporate quitter and business strategist, but you still have questions, start here....